To do what you love and feel that it matters; how could anything be more fun?

– Katherine Graham
Serena Mola is a freelance photographer and creative director that has worked with local and international small brands and businesses. Previously owning and operating a creative studio, Serena decided to focus her energy on the art of creating. She is yet just another human trying to find her purpose in this changing world.
With every project she works on, every person she meets, and every thing she learns, she feels a little closer to finding her answer. With a playful and fluid style and a constant hunger for growth and discovery, Serena creates work that relates to everyday life and the culture we consume daily.
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Selected Work/ Publications

Steven Lejambe, Skinergist, Creators Mag, Rock ‘N Karma, Eyegasmic, Zane Barlas, Nabeel Suited, AutoKarma, Nomia Studio, Rhowan James, Sioris, Joan Kelly Walker, Ellements Magazine, Vogue Italia, Haute Punch, GMARO Magazine, Dreamingless, Volant Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Geisha Productions Inc, Dr Thabos Couch, Ryerson University, Horizont Magazine, Picton Magazine